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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  November 26, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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will be in select cities nationwide. tomorrow on the show debbie mazer is here. and later this week, fran drescher drops buy. thanks to all of my guests. have a great night. see you next time. >> cenk: "the young turks" welcome to "the young turks." we've got drama inside the republican party. drums! we got a cat fight. >> the only pledge we should be making to each other is to avoid about the coming grief. >> it's not easy. but drying off your hand and saying maybe i'll raise taxes instead of governing is not the way to go. >> cenk: but, in fact, it's fake drama. i'll show how is really in charge of the republican party and exactly what they're going to do. then we've got walmart strikers. instead, it's record-breaking. and who is striking with them? here it comes. >> joined which alan grayson who
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thursday night escorted walmart worker lisa lopez from walmart because she felt that she should not be working on thanksgiving. >> cenk: don't miss it. and then it's interesting whistleblower. blowing the whistle on a-for-profit scam. >> they were raising jobs with which they did not need a degree for. >> cenk: i'll give the elbow of the day away. it's on fox news, it's by one of their guest and it's awesome. don't miss it. it is, in fact, go time. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: so it appears we have
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an internal fight within the republican party. we've got drama. oh, my god they might stop live living to grover norquist's pledge. he's the guy who says, no tax increases--ever! here is a collection of republicans. even an and of fox news action saying, i don't think so grover. >> i'll violate the pledge. >> i'm not obligated on the pledge. >> i haven't talked to grover norquist so i don't know what he wants to do or not want to do with his pledge. >> a pledge you signed 18 years ago is for that congress. >> republicans should put revenue on the table. >> i think everybody should be on the table. >> the only pledge we should be making to each other is avoid the coming grief. >> it is not about that pledge. it really is about trying to solve problems. >> the only thing i'm honoring
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is the oath that i gave when i served. >> getting in difficult situations in relationships in general when you make people sign on the dotted line and then crucify them if they ever decide to change their mind. >> cenk: you know it's over when they send fox news anchors to say wrap this up. grover why don't you roll over. this is a catch. when they say they're going to raise revenue live to what they say they will not do, watch. >> republicans in the house are willing to put revenues on the table. >> i'm willing to generate revenue. >> at the same time we say we want to raise taxes. >> i myself am opposeed to tax increases. >> i don't think if you raise taxes 100% on the wealthy.
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you're not going to fix the revenue problems. >> all our democratic colleagues want to talk about is more taxes, more taxes more revenue. >> we never cut spending. >> you want additional revenue by capping deductions. >> i will not raise tax rates to do it. i will cap deductions. >> cenk: aah, so they don't want to raise the rates. what they want to do is take away things like your home mortgage deduction. you know who that hits, the middle class. of course! of course! they're going to take most of it from the middle class. you think they're going to give up tax cuts to the rich? this republican party? it's mainly a trick. nonetheless, grover norquist said not enough, nin nin nin is that too much. >> they need to focus on reforming government not raise taxes to pay for bigger
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government each year. it's not working. it's not easy. but throwing up your hands and saying maybe i'll throw up taxes instead of governing is not the way to go. >> cenk: you know raising taxes is also governing. it's a different way of governing than the way you allow as representative of the rich and powerful, mr. norquist. but he's playing the bad cop and other republicans are playing the good cop saying, look, violate the almighty grover norquist pledge. we won't raise the rates and they're doing a trick where the democrats give us entitlement spending cuts instead. who is head of the republican party. a lot of people think it's john boehner. is it this guy right here? [ buzzer ] not him. a lot of people think it's grover norquist. is it grover? no not him either. [ buzzer ]
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so who is it? you got to understand, the politicians take their orders from their donors. and grover norquist is not the mr. donor himself. he funnels the donor money. who is actually in charge? these guys. this is lloyd blankfine and david coast, they're also on this thing called the ceo fiscal leadership council. what is that? that's a bunch of ceos who got together and said, all right no more being zealot, increases or any kind of revenue increases fine. but obama is offering an awesome deal. let's take it, it's over. they're sending their messages out to the republican senators and congress saying it's time to make a deal. this deal still kicks ass for us. we'll cut the living hell out of what we call entitlements,
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social security and medicare and medicaid. lloyd blankfein listen to what he said about so-called indictmentment. >> you'll have to lower people's expectations, the entitlements and what people think they're going to get because it's not going--they're not going to get it. >> cenk: you're not going to get it. i'm going to get it. that's lloyd blankfein. this is the guy whose company took $10 billion in federal bailout and an extra $14 billion through back door bailouts of aig. in the last quarter--that's just a quarter of the year they made $8.4 billion. how much of that did the u.s. taxpayer get for bailing their ass out? none of it. we got the initial $10 billion mac. we did not get the back door bailout back. we did not get a piece of that
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company. finally look at his salary were last year. it will probably be higher than this year, $16.4 million. so he gets the bailouts from the government i am entitled. i have an expectation to exceed $1 million that i got through your bailout through hard taxpayer earned money. but you, you worked your whole life you're not entitled to social security and medicare that you paid in to because we have a different plan for you. the ceo plan is shift costs. shift costs on the middle class and the poor and take money for them. david coast is one of the most trusted visors of the obama administration. he's the ceo. the obama guys are pure establishment guys. to be fair, david what do you think the corporate tax rate should be? shouldn't that go up a little bit? he was on cmbc get a load of his answer. >> what do you think the ultimate effective tax rate should be on corporations?
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>> zero. zero. >> yeah, the problem is from a fairness perspective no one would be able to stand it. but at the end of the day if you look at where jobs come from, they come from companies. if we want to create the most defective foreign pipeline you've ever seen, we would have the lowest rate possible. >> cenk: oh, highest possible pain on you. the lowest possible rate on them. they want to go to a territorial tax system. you know how much that saves companies? it's $134 billion. but understand something. it's not like that's free money. if they don't pay it you pay it. they want to transfer $134 billion of tax payments off of them and on to you. this is the real leaders of the republican party. and by the way oftentimes the democratic party these are the guys that control our government. that's why we're going to have an animalled grand bargain that is going to be highway robbery.
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speaking of david coast has he taken government money? of course. that isn't a bailout but look at the contract. the guy who doesn't like the contract got $2.3 billion for his company honeywell. it led to $55 million for david cote himself. and get a load of that last number. why do they keep arguing to keep the bush tax cuts for the rich? david cote alone last year alone saved $2.5 million from the facts that they kept the bush tax cut for the rich. he says, yeah, let's take away that guy's home mortgage and maybe even my home mortgage deduction on my second home. [ chuckling ] but i'm keeping my $2.5 million a year. that's what this is about it's about greed. what is the result that have greed? they've been doing it to us for decades now. last year median household your
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earnings went down 4%. your income down 4% last year. well how did the top 400 do? according to forbes calculation, top 400 their income rose by $200 billion. more for them. less for you. that's what this is whole game is about. that's what this grand bargain is about. that's why now all of a sudden the republicans led by their ceo bosses are saying, take the deal. it's a great deal for us. that's the reality of what's happening. already, now when we come back, i've got much more for you. oh gun owners--pssh. we have gun shops who say you can't shop there if you voted for obama. now churches, daycare? find out when we come back. >> creating the sign and says it has exploded in popular glit how stupid do you have to be to vote
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again to get the same thing? >> cenk: oh, yeah, i love that guy talking about stupid. later in the program the elbow of the day, it is awesome. don't miss it. >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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>> cenk: now you know how the gun shop owners have been saying and the gun manufacturers have been saying oh, my god when obama is re-elected, he'll take away all your guns. hurry up and go out and buy more. [ crying ] there is a gun shop owner cope reynolds who is taking a different approach. he said if you're an obama supporter you cannot buy guns. you're not allowed to. he put a sign up on his place of business saying, if you voted for barack obama your business is not welcome. you have proven you're not responsible enough to own a firearm. well abc affiliate talked to
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this genius who is so responsible and figured all these things out to get his point of view on why he did this. >> the southwest shooting authority cope reynolds says the sign has exploded in popularity and gone viral. i talked to mr. reynolds on the phone and asked him why he would put such a divisive sign on his store. >> i can't age people, after they've seen what this man can do in four years how stupid do you have to be to vote again to get the same thing? it's unimaginable to me. >> cenk: probably a guy who voted for bush twice. that was a generous move. and of course not just working for cope reynolds but all the gun manufacturers as we've shown you before. look at the stocks, these are skyrocketing through october as president obama is set to be
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elected in november, and then ata producing bullets and they're going through the roof. let me bring in my crew, ana kasparian, jayar jackson and there is michael shore up in san francisco. i believe he's hosting "the war room" at 10:00. so i actually--i think this is a smart move by him. you know, i make fun and his whole thing is, liker he can't believe anybody would revote for obama, but look, crazy gun owners more likely to be republicans. he's getting orders from all across the country now because they're like this is our dumb--this is our chief dumb ass ass. >> yes definitely. it's like misery loves company. they want to get together and protest that obama was re-elected and this is their way of doing it. arizona, the state where jared
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laugh near, the guy who had mental health issues got his hands on a gun. obama did nothing to change gun regulation at all and you're still complaining about obama. what more do you want. >> cenk: i acknowledge that he did nothing in his first term about gun control but his second term. >> right. >> cenk: michael, what's on the legislative agenda for the next couple of weeks on gun control? >> i was looking over it, and it turns out, cenk, the answer to that question is absolutely nothing. look back at the last four years. they're scheduled to continue with the same agenda on guns. they haven't done anything, and what ana just said is right. if it was bill clinton with his assault weapons ban and he stint want to have people who voteed for bill clinton that would be one thing. barack obama has done zero on gunned, and i don't know why--so what. home people voted for barack obama wanted to go to that
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shooting range any way? >> i'm sorry this is the thing though, a we all ask questions. who need the assault rifles, the bombs and the grenades, they say we just need it for hunting and protection. they think that liberals and progressives don't own guns in the first place. really they think there is this war they're setting up. there was going to be the conservatives against the liberals, and we need to have the guns. we need to kill them but we can't let them have guns or we're going to lose. >> ahaying. >> the atter nat reality that they live in is amazeing to me every time. the guns are going to be taken away! we're going to go to war! cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
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speaking of which, let's go to-bam. senator bedford is introducing for the third time a piece of legislation that would allow you to take your gun to work. nobody gets anger at work and there has never been work-place shootings. this isshootings. you might have a little less in mind if the most unstable dude at work has a gun in his car which is where you can keep it. funny, it doesn't pass because the business council reject it. >> at a time when the business community is dealing with the dealing with thate erodes constitutional property
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rights, and who wins? the businessmen win. >> what they wanted to do was have people keep guns in their cars so they will be so-called safe driving to and from work. what about the road ragers. that's the worst possible time. i think of my as someone who commutes in los angeles. i don't want a gun in my car. i don't want other people to have guns in their cars. people get crazy on the road. >> i've seen you on your road. >> the guy who runs the business business-month old inbusiness, even the reasonable side of this argument is perpetrated by unable people in america. i want to say if you're allowed to have a gun at work, i quit. >> cenk: imagine me with a gun when i get worked up.
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one more story here on guns. they're now doing gun classes in churches across the country. even in ohio, in morengo ohio, church of christ is doing these seminars where they're inviting shooting sports enthusiasts and say learn by doing. go to church. shoot someone and then learn by doing. they don't say shoot someone. they say go to a shooting range and then you're able to get 10 hours of classes, hidden weapons and all the funs thing you can do with your gun. i know we've got reverend jackson here, so he's of course our biblical expert. so did you say turn the other cheek or turn the other cheek. >> i said shoot both cheeks. we are talking turn the butt.
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>> cenk: there have been church shootings, too. these guys are unbelievable. wherever there has been a shooting let's bring more guns there. >> they're all pro life. >> cenk: we're celebrating the prince of peace everyone bring your guns. unbelievable. i'm out of time. you guys rock. now when we come back, speaking of rocking alan gray season the walmart strike. >> the cell phone was unveiled at the walmart in georgia. one woman appeared to end up with someone's hand over her mouth. >> cenk: what are we doing in america? i'm going to unload on that when we come back. and speaking about unloading, a guest goes on fox news. >> probably because it was the
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republican party. >> all right tom tom, thank you for joining us today. >> you're welcome.
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>> it's go time. (vo) at the only online forum with a direct line to cenk uygur. >>if you had to vote for a republican, which one would it be? (vo) join the debate now. >> he. >> pre-paid cell phones were unveil in a walmart in georgia. one woman ended up with someone's hand in their mouth. walmart said no one got hurt. this rush on a forever 21. [ screaming ] >> cenk: and the country was sick over this black friday thing. oh, my god i got to--please, for the love of god calm down for a second. do you see that hand in the mouth? then it gets worse and a guy in georgia allegedly stealing two dvd players.
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security tackles him and put him in a chokehold. he died. you know why? he was in a choke hold. when the police came they were still sitting on him. thereover 100 u.s. cities saw strikes in different wal-marts throughout the country largest strike ever against walmart. i want to give a local report about that as well. let's look. >> it was a walmart employees considering to join the protest they said they could be fired if they did. they told us that their benefits and their hours have been cut. a big concern protesters point out they say workers are threatened if they appear to be forming an union. >> they have been harassing people for years who even think about organizing. >> cenk: well now, let's talk about why they might want to strike and what they're upset about. their average pay. you know what it is, $8.81 an hour.
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that's about $15,000 a year. that's poverty level for a household of two. when you're paying people at the poverty level it's not surprising that at some point they might say, you know what, that's not a lot and that presents a lot of problems for our families. now here is what is interesting. this presents problems for the american tax payers. they earn 31% less on average the average walmart worker than an average retail worker, not average other profession, but retail workers. what happens? that cost taxpayers 8 million dollars in public assistance throughout the year. now, that's amazing. so we're subsidizeing walmart. all the conservative who is hate all the subsidy subsidies--government--shouldn't you hate that? shouldn't they pay their workers a decent wage so we don't have to subsidize them as a government? one guy who agrees with that is
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allen grayson. we went over to the protest over thanksgiving. let's go over to orlando. >> protesters were asked by management and police to move from the door to the sidewalk. they were joined by congressmen elect alan grayson who thursday night escorted lisa lopez from a store because she felt she should not have to work on thanksgiving. >> i think the minimum wage should be $10 or more, and they should be able to make a decent living wage. >> i'm a single mom i can't afford to live on what they pay us. >> cenk: congressman, first of all, how angry was your family when you didn't join them for thanksgiving dinner? >> they are use to the making sacrifices in my case. they've been doing it for years. >> cenk: in all seriousness what were you doing there? why did you want to go and give these people turkey sandwiches? what was the real objective?
4:30 pm
>> we handed out bags to the workers who had to work. they didn't want to work. they had to work on thanksgiving. they couldn't be with their families. the bag has three things inside. a turkey and a bag of chips and a letter informing them of their right to organize. >> cenk: these strikes are no big deal. 50 people walked out--there are reports that's not true, but we're perfectly lovely to our employees, i don't know what you're complaining about. how do you respond to that? >> it's ridiculous. the average associate at walmart mix less than $9. i don't know how people can afford their rent, food, health coverage transportation just to get to work when they're making $9 an hour or less. who ends up paying for it? the tax pair. the number you gave was low. i've seen much bigger numbers. the taxpayer pays the earned
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income credit, the taxpayer pays for medicaid and unemployment insurance when they cut their hours down and the taxpayer pays for other forms of public assistance like food stamps. i think the taxpayer is fed up paying for all these things when walmart gets everything single employee. it's got the ceo a 30% raise and walmart would still be profitable. >> cenk: you're going back to congress, is there anything you can do legislatively or it's just political economic pressure on walmart to be more decent to their workers. >> one thing we've already done is in the affordable care act we have a mandate that the employer is supposed to pay healthcare coverage or pay the difference. that's just a start. i don't think walmart should in effect be the largest recipient of public assistance in the country. in state after state after state walmart employees represent the largest group of medicaid recipients and largest group of
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food stamp recipients. we shouldn't have to bear that burden. we should put it on walmart. >> cenk: walmart, as congressman grayson is saying, winds up being the biggest taker of government subsidies in some of these programs. but the six heirs had a have more money than 40% of the country combined. that is amazing. congressman grayson. they came up with this idea. if you increase wages to $25,000 for the average walmart worker, they say $21,000 but we think it's lower but give them the benefit of the doubt right? that would increase costs to us of $20 per year for the consumer. $20 per year does not seem like a lot for the average customers. here is the result. it would lift 1.5 million out of poverty, create $100,000 new jobs and give $13.5 billion gdp
4:33 pm
boost. what do you make of those numbers? is that a deal that you think the american people are willing to take if it costs an extra $20 a year to have these people make a decent wage and possibly improve the economy? >> listen, i think the numbers are mostly right but i think the numbers are different from that. according to the numbers i've seen, as i said before, every walmart employee could get that raise to $25,000 a year. every single one of them, and walmart would be profitable without raising prices. walmart charges as much as they canner they possibly can. that's the nature of being in business. they gave their employees as little as possible as they can exploit them without rights of knowledge to unionize and walmart is hugely profitable. i don't think the customers are going to end up paying anything more at all. what is simply going to happen is walmart will make a little less profit. >> cenk: congressman alan grayson, good to have a progressive fighter back in
4:34 pm
congress. thank you for joining us and at walmart, sticking up for people as well. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> cenk: when we come back, i'm going to go aggressive progressive because i haven't been aggressive enough yet in this show. we're going to take on the drone strikes. but look, i'm not against all drone strikes. i'm against lawless dumb drone strikes, and i'm going to prove my case on that when we come back. >> obama: make sure that not only am i reined in, but any president is reined in in terms of some of the decisions that we're making. understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinner table.
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>> cenk: you know before 2001 we used to criticize other countries for doing targeted killings outside of their countries? now we've been master of it with the drone strikes. the drone strikes started under president bush in 2002. now they've picked up speed under president obama. there have been 338 confirmed drone strikes. there has been a total of 2520 people killed and at least 300 civilians killed, but source on the ground say far, far more than that. then an amazing story came out in the new york times about the drone program and how the obama prosecution was wanting to put
4:39 pm
resolutions on it. facing the possibility that the president may not win a second term, they wanted to develop explicit rules for the targeted killing of terrorists by un unmanned drones so the new president would inherit new standard and procedures according to two administration officials. all along they've been telling us, don't worry about a thing on these drone strikes. man have we got clear rules and regulations and no one gets killed unless it has gone through the check list and it's all very secret and we can't share any of it with the public. trust us, behind the scenes we have this thing worked out. now we find out we didn't have anything in place. then before the election, oh my god, what is romney kills more people than we did interesting. so president obama won the election. what happened afterwards? "the new york times" explains, the matter may have lost some urgency after november 6th. oh okay great.
4:40 pm
now that they're become in charge, get back to it without any clear rules. listen to what president obama said in october when he went on the daily show and talked about the zone strikes. >> one of the things we got to do is put a legal architecture in place and we need congressional help to do that, to make sure that not own only am i reined in but other presidents are reined in. >> there's the president of the united states of america say be saying i am not reined in. there is no legal architecture for how we're doing these killings. don't sugarcoat it. a drone strike is not a video game. they drop a bomb, and everybody underneath the bomb dies. sometimes it's kids. sometimes it's women. sometimes it's men. times we don't know who we're
4:41 pm
killing. when it was first started it was specifically targeted at known al-qaida leaders. now, not so much. quote for several years first in pakistan and later in yemen in addition to personality strikes against named terrorists, the c.i.a. and the military have carried out signature strikes against groups of suspected un unnonmilitants. in the beginning this started by targeting certain people without knowing exactly who they were, but we thought that is a signature of a known al-qaeda leader. then it morphed into unknown people and unknown possible militants there are guns down there. that's why we so often hit weddings because people in afghanistan and yemen bring guns to weddings and shoot them in
4:42 pm
celebration. then they say there is militant activity there they hit the wedding and many die. that is thoughtful, immoral and ridiculous. i'm not against all drone strikes. drone strikes can prevent full war instead. i'm not against that. but i'm against dumb, immoral counterproductive and lawless drone strikes. do you know not only do we do these signature strikes but we have executed u.s. citizens abroad with no trial whatsoever. that's not what this country is supposed to stand for. i'm not saying end the drone program. i'm saying at least at the very least put very stringent legal requirements so our executive branch is not acting outside of the law. by the way there is another word for that. it's called illegal. so they're not acting illegally in killing u.s. citizens and others, including civilians.
4:43 pm
that's the least we can ask of our government. already. when we come back we'll we will talk about the-for-profit college cam and a whistleblower from the inside telling us how they run that scam. >> i work at walmart in customers service. >> they claim that it's part of her degree. >> they're lying.
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>> cenk: now we've been telling you about the questionable practices of-for-profit companies. take the word of an insider. we have the name of a whistleblower, he used to be the supervisor for education management corporation. they run over 100-for-profit colleges. we'll find out about him in a little bit from ana. but let me give you background information that is interesting. do you know only 13% of the students who go to college are in community colleges, of the one that take out loans, i should be clear 13% commune college students take out loans. 48% of public college students take out loans. and 90% of-for-profit college students take out loans. it gives you a sense of how reliant this industry is on
4:48 pm
loans. and how expensive it is. now defaults. of all the students in america that go to college 13% go to to-for-profit college. but of the one that have defaults it's 50%. so 50% of all the student loan defaults in the country are from kids who go to-for-profit colleges. there is something very very wrong with this suspect. jason is telling us more about it. for that story i bring you the lovely and brilliant ana kasparian. >> i'm excited to talk about this. this is one of those topics that% does not get covered enough. so many students are falling for this trick that recruiters are telling them about how they're going to make so much money if they get this degree, take out the student loans, it's not a big deal. i love now we have jason sobek who was an admissions supervisor, who knows about some of the recruiting practices he
4:49 pm
talks about it with this video in nba news. he talks about how they inflate numbers, job numbers. let's take a look. >> this former admission supervision turned whistle blower is telling success statistics. >> they manipulated by counting students working in a job they did not need a degree for. >> you think this is all intentional. >> it is intentional. it's the business model. >> so often times what happens to high school students, they have to get into a public college, and ucs, even though it's a private college it's not considered a-for-profit college because it's not publicly traded. you have to get good grades to get in those schools. but-for-profit college that stuff is irrelevant. they prey on students who are desperate and they want to get an education. they say put your past behind you. just take out the loans get an education here and even though
4:50 pm
the degree you're going to get is the equivalent of an associates degree and in a lot of cases you don't even need this degree to get into the field you're interested in, who cares. you're going to make $50,000 when you graduate which is so far from the truth. >> cenk: i want to talk about the disconnect for a second. they promise these great jobs when they get out but part of the problem is they're selective in who they take in. they don't just take anybody off the streets. you have to get good grades etc. etc. -for-profit take that out of the equation, yeah come on in. give us the money which by the way comes from the government, everything is going to be all right. employers are not tricked like that. that's not how it works. they don't automatically get great jobs. >> sobek take about how they inflate the job success numbers. they don't even use euphemisms when it comes to the jobs that they kids get when they get out
4:51 pm
of college. >> the job success for this fashion marketing grad and accounting major and business grad. but this one is working for minimum wage selling shoes. one works at mcdonald's and the other a janitor. >> it gets worse. they profiled the story of sara fisher who went to brown mackey college and they lied about her job's success. >> i feel like i've been lied to and i am angry about it. >> fisher said she got sucked in by a recruiter for brown mackey. >> they said i would be able to get a better job and make $35,000 to $40,000 a year. >> but an exclusive look at internal company documents which show that they're still counting her $16,000 a year job as a success. >> i work at walmart in customer service.
4:52 pm
they're lying. >> i should note that "abc news" did contact them and they said these claims are without merit. >> cenk: they said that. i didn't see that coming. >> we'll see how this lawsuit plays out. -for-profit colleges have faced criticism especially by the obama administration because of this deceptive recruiting. >> cenk: and i'm waiting for the day when the company goes, oh, they're suing us? look at that, you got us. but that last was instructive. people say i don't want to make $16,000. wouldn't it be great to have a decent job that paid me $30,000 to $40,000. they're not asking for a lot. the kind of job that you should get when you go to a college. that's why it makes me so mad that they're tricking these people they not only end up
4:53 pm
with the job they had before but an enormous amount of debt before. >> exactly. if you were not lucky enough to get into a school right after high school or go to a community school and transfer to some of these colleges and you're stuck making minimum wage at a walmart type job they're looking for you. they're targeting members of the military. they want education and they want the g.i. funding into i love how conservatives against that until it goes into their pocket. when we come back, the elbow of the day. it's on top of fox news. it's always fun and it's delivered by a guest in a very entertaining way. don't miss it when we come back.
4:54 pm
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[ male announcer ] with 7 benefits it goes deep to remove grease, gunk and flakes. deep. like me. [ male announcer ] head & shoulders deep clean for men. ♪ ♪ [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: "viewpoint" with eliot spitzer is next, of course. eliott, how was your thanksgiving? >> eliot: it was great. i ate more than i should have, but then who doesn't on this holiday. that's what it's all about. >> cenk: oh, yeah, look at me. >> eliot: i was going to there cenk, but glad you came to that realization. >> cenk: all right, what do you have for us today. >> eliot: it's going to be the fiscal cliff with senator sanders and ken vogel has grover norquist's mythical hold on the republican party finally cracked and the trayvon martin and stand your ground laws. there has been work done and not surprisingly it's a bad law but
4:56 pm
governor rick scott of florida won't admit it. he whitewashes a bad law. >> cenk: really, rick scott not admitting to doing something wrong. >> eliot: shocking. >> cenk: looking forward to it. see you in a minute. ñ
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